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10 February 2011 @ 05:48 pm
Violeta, Violeta  

So, what did everybody think of the new CD? I LOVE it!! ^_^  I think my favorite song is Psycho Under Min Hatt.
Who is the female voice on the album?

And does anyone have a translation of this:
All I got was "West Side" and "fucker" :/

or this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs6LEk6aSDI

Also, as an aside, it's been kinda dead in here, we need to get the ball rolling! :p

(Anonymous) on February 16th, 2011 03:42 pm (UTC)
Here's the translation for you! :)

From "sacred" east-coast norwegians to westcoasters that open this show, welcome Janove and Geir
Thanks for an explosive opening of the show!

Janove: Thank you, It felt like a long time ago and it was great playing. There is a lot of energy in the old songs, it's gonna be fun being out on tour again.

Ny record and ten years since Ompa til du dør was released; would Kaizers Orchestra, ten years ago, believed to have endured this long?

I don't think we though about it. We just thought that this was insanely fun to experience just once. things have changed since then.

We've looked through our archives and found a report of Kaizers anno 2001..

Are we supposed to be glad about this or…?

of course..

Report playes:

Janove says:
We have come to rock. To rock ompa-wise.

Is it true that you are the saviors of norwegian rock?

I think those are your words.. Don't put too much into it.

Norwegian rocks rescue…? was that what you said?

Spellemannspris (Norwegian grammy) host:
And the winner is: Kaizers Orchestra!

Janove after the award:
West Side, taking over! (As they come from the west coast of norway of course..)

Report ends.

Do you recognize these guys?

Actually! There was a lot of funny stuff there, but when that came, that last one there, then I felt familiar! It was good that you showed that, because during the last couple of records I have had to explain to journalists that we are inspired of rap and R&B, and they don't believe us! They think we only listen to Bartol-Brecht and gypsy-music and stuff like that. But we don't, we have actually listened to Snoop Dog and those guys..

Are you embarrassed by yourselves from ten years ago?

No… they looked like a really happy gang.

But you were nice now.. there are things out there that I don't want to see again.

I'll note that for our next interview then!
But Kaizers has been a success in medias spotlight all the time, have there been down turns?

of course there have been stuff… but we don't think we've experienced a really serious down time.

But you both have published your own records by yourselves. Have those lead to any problems?

I went solo first in 2004 and..

And what did you think about that Geir?


That's what I thought! I wanted to try something for my self. Something different. I thought it was easy, and I thought that making the record was easy. Three chords on an acoustic guitar.. it didn't take a lot of energy. It is much more demanding to create Kaizer music. I was probably a bit cocky, and we did have one meeting within the band where they had to get me down to the ground.

part 1
(Anonymous) on February 16th, 2011 03:42 pm (UTC)
translation 2

We had to make him realize that there were others here. He became a bit alone in his own head, like one can become when one has success and is talented, which we think he has.

Janove interrupts:
Small head you know…

There weren't much room for others than himself there for a while, which is okay. You can choose to go that direction, but there is a bit more resistance in us, and we tell him if we don't like stuff and he had to choose if something was cooler or he wanted to hire people to… you know. But he thought it was more fun with us.

Now we have a really good relationship within the band and we work with the best! The music is great!

hugs! ;D


Thanks.. you too!

Concerning Kaizers: we have to talk about the fans. Turbonegro has to be the only other band with equally loyal fans, do you have a story from life on the road?

We have some german "blood-fans" that followed us on all our concerts and they were heavy metal guys and had a meter of hair. And they made this propellar-move with it. There was this concert we did in a cinema, and so the audience was sitting. And these two guys thought, which we by the way talked a lot to, every day actually. They stood up on the first song, walked in front of the seats, first row and started waving their hair. They wanted to help the rest of the audience to get going! What happened was that our tour-leader called them during the show, while they were standing there. "hello?" "can you please sit down, because it looks bad that only two guys you know.. it's too early!" And they sat down. So we work really closely with our fans.

We'll keep talking about your fans. Because the concept crowd-funding means that fans pay artists to make music. Some even invests in bands they believe to succeed….

moves into next report.

This was longer than I thought but anyways:P
Oberst Kaizer: jan geir kissoberst_kaizer on February 17th, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
Re: translation 2
Yay! Thanks so much for typing that out for me!! :)