Does anyone know where I can download any Blod, snått & juling? I don't want to have to sign up for a website or pay. A free website would do me nicely. Thanks!
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Kaizers stuff for sale!

Hey there all; I have to sell off all my possessions so that I can be a travelling vagabond. :) That being said, I have the Kontroll pa Kontinentet autographed book and the Vega DVD as well as the CDs (all but Vare Demoner). Also have Skambankt CDs. Asking $50 for the book, $30 for the DVD, $25 each for the Kaizers CDs (except Violeta, Violeta I is $15) and $20 for the Skambankt CDs. All prices include shipping to the US. Will do deals for multiple items! Open to offers as well...
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The most wonderful artist over on Deviant Art did a commission for me. Due to her style and brilliant imagination, I knew she was just the woman for the job (check out the rest of her gallery and you'll see what I mean!). So, I told her to go wild, do what felt right, and she has produced...

This: http://my.deviantart.com/messages/#/d4r0ib8

I have no words for how happy it made me! Hope it does the same for you, my darling Kaizerlings :D

Photos from the latest tour

Hello fellow Kaizer addicts!

I'm a bit late (have been lazy... ;) ) but now I've finished editing and uploading the photos I took at the Kaizers Orchestra tour in early April and thought I could share them.
I've been to the shows in Vienna and Munich which have both been very, very brilliant to say the least.

The setlist of Munich is the last pic in that folder in case you're interested for that. Vienna was the same but instead of KGB & Dieter Meyers it was Kvite Russer and a lot of wine drinking and photo taking onstage ;)
I think the choice of songs was pretty good. I was a wondering a lot about how they would arrange everything and what songs they would choose to play.
As you can see, Kaizers just played (nearly) all the Violeta songs together in the middle of the show, sort of separately.
I'm not really sure if you can recognise it on my photos all that well but  they changed the banner at the backside of the stage for a video screen. That was for the Violeta songs and after them, when they switched back to the older stuff, the Ompa logo came up, with shiny lights and all ;)
I liked that a lot, I had the feeling the show was kind of divided into different 'chapters'.

Anyway, I should stop babbling.
Hope you enjoy:


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 So, I have a question.
I've heard about this mp3 of Terje and Tollak (bassist of Skambankt) rapping in Danish.
Is this legitimate? And if it is, could someone could give me a link to this, that'd be great! :D